Friday, November 9, 2012

Sharepoint 2013 Newsfeed Vs Office 365 newsfeed

You have liked the newsfeed of Office 365 giving the capability to display videos and images directly on the newsfeed... Your enthousiasm will fall down when you open the newsfeed of Sharepoint 2013...

The videos and photos display simply disappears.

So far, the problem has been mentionned several times on posts

UPDATE : 14/11/2012
My mistake (I don't erase the current post because the mistake can have been done by others) !!

In fact on the communities sites, the discussion list created as default on the community sites is not displayed on the Office 365 community site. On those sites the site collection feature "Site Feed" is activated and it is the newsfeed that is displayed as main page. There you have the preview displayed and you can embbed photos and videos!

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