Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Term Store and views

After a 2 months using sharepoint 2010 every days, I have extracted in this new version a wonderfull feature : the term store. It allowed us to simplify a lot the architecture.

Now, the list of customers and projects to which the data is linked all around the information system is tagged using termsets. Easy to create, easy to maintin.

Before I had to create linked list to simulate the hierarchy... now, everything is done my itself.

I won't make a all blog on this feature, some other blogs already did it :

One bad point though... This morning I wanted to create views grouped by my customer column (which is a managed metadata column), How disappointing it was when I noticed that It was simply impossible :( Those kind of column don't appear in the list.

So be aware that grouping and sorting is not available for Managed metadata columns.