Friday, December 18, 2009

SharePoint 2010 Beta Documentation

For some weeks, I have been looking around for help on sharepoint 2010... hard to find, we are almost all at the same level.

I have found this doc published a few days ago on technet :

That's a good starting point !!!

SharePoint 2010, and InfoPath 2010 for Form customization

It's been a while sinc my last post. for a month I have been working fully on the Sharepoint 2010 Beta.
I have a really good feeling with the product that has some really good improvment :
  • I love the taxonomy system
  • I love the ribbon
  • I love the form displayed on a layer (finally!!!)
  • I love the performance services...
...But there is something I have been Hating those last 2 days...

I have a VS2010 Solution containing new types (Located in 14/templates/XML/fldTypes_xxx.xml) that have a custom rendering (let's say two texteboxes). Those types are used in a content type I have developped too. This content type is used in a list.
Because it makes a big form, I have tried the form customization feature with Infopath...
I have been a bit disapointed...

All my custom fields that have a non standard type cannot be added on the infopath form (it mentions that when infopath is starting). So it means that I can customize my form but only without thos fields.. Useless for me... Sh**

I'm trying to find a way to integrate thos types in infopath 2010.. So far.. nothing...