Monday, March 25, 2013

Create a new Community Template - Discussion/category Product bug

I'm actually working on a office 365 Social network project. Really interesting by the way.
I just lost two days believing that I had done something bad when I found on my newly created community (and actually all others) that the discussion board weren't linked correctly to my discussion board categories. Note that my community  template is not the basic one but a slightly customised one...

So, I have started everything again...  and again the same mistake...

So, I have tried a really basic test : I did the same test with the standard community template and I expected it to work, but there is the same problem with the standard template!
I tested it as well on my local environment the problem is exactly the same.Let's correct it!

  1. Open you newly created category.aspx page
  2. Open the two problematic webpart's property panel
  3. Change the view :
    1. for the proposed discussion webpart, set it to "Proposed discussion"
    2. for the other one, set it to "subject"
  4. From now, once you validate your page, you will have everything almost working, the only left problem is that you don't see the discussions according to the category of the page. let's continue.
  5. Open two instances of Sharepoint Designer 2013. One on the source site, and one on the target site. On both open category.aspx page
  6. On the target page, in all the xsltlistviewwebpart's parameterbinding, there is binding missing, you have to add it! 
  7. Almost at the end of page of your source page, locate the {CategoryID}, you will have to place it exactly at the same place on your target page.
  8. Save it.
  9. Test it & pray !