Thursday, October 25, 2012

Can't add an oinline Apps on your newly created Sharepoint 2013 farm?

So excited with my new toy...
I have found on the Office online app store ( a Chat app that I wanted to add.

So, on my newly created site, I went to Add an app, I tried to reach my store (easy!) but once arrived on the page of my desired app, I found an unpleasant message "App are not allowed on your Server ...blablablabla..."

After having tried to activate some services manually, trying to reach the "configure App URL",  I checked online and finally found this :
and I finally went there :

I performed all the steps mentionned on the msdn. It simply worked! So. Forget the easy configuration of SP 2010.

Now you have to create your app store using your powershell interface!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sharepoint 2013 RTM for MSDN Subscribers!

We are actually working on the Enterprise Social Network of a big company. We plan the migration on Sharepoint 2013. So I was about to test the migration  using the RC (Waiting for the RTM then...)

Today, I was looking on my MSDN (ultimate) Account, to retrieve the product key for the RC version... the one I found on the MSDN didn't work on my installation... WHY doing that to me?

simply because today... the version changed to RTM (also did Office 2013!) and so: new product = new Key!