Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bye bye - English Blog... (Re)bonjour le fran├žais!

Hi all, 
it's been a while that I haven't published anything on this blog and that will sadly be the last time, I'm publishing something ... in english...

The reason is simple. 
In France, we have a really proud culture and our language is part of this pride. Our business is mainly done in French, and many people don't want or can't speak english. 

Studies have showed that a french person who don't speak perfectly english won't spend a lot of time to read an article in english UNLESS... he reallly needs it! 

My goals now, will really be to help the french market to rise on some problematic, I'm meeting in my professional life, and along with my role as a technical evangelist @ Nintex. I realize that there are not many serious articles on some topics in french, and that should be my role to fill the gap. Sharepoint, O365, workflow, processes, forms... eveything is going to be in french now :)

But you can still learn french, it will be easier that understanding a french who tries to speak english!