Thursday, June 24, 2010

Migrating Sharepoint 2010 Beta to RTM

As most of you may have seen... migrating Beta to RTM is not something supported by MS. Of course, we all understand that the corrected bug of the beta may cause problem on you newly installed flashy RTM Platform... BUT... some of us (at least me) have been asked to put in production a beta platform... and now.. with 10000 items in a list... what can I do ? hiring 100 persons to recreate my items ... obviously not So let's find a way..

  1. Using the Backup site collection feature in the central admin on your beta platform, back up the entire site collection that contain you web or you list (dont try to' export only list or webs using powershell commands, it simply doesn't work (version conflicts).
  2. Using the restore-spsite powershell command to restore your site collection on your new platform...
  3. Yessss! Now you have you data on you new platform.. YESSSSS, it feels already better... (OOOH Damned.. I have lost my term store connection, arrrg)
  4. use the Content deployment wizard tool of Cris O Brien (Sharepoint MVP) to migrate content from your site collection to your new site. In my case I only had to migrate 3 big lists with content types.
in my case, I had to launch several other scripts to resolve my term store connection problem (I parse my old list to find the termstores values and I pars my new list to put back those values....)
I'm sure it can work without doing that but I didn't find the way !

Good luck