Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MOSS Administrator

I was bored of using tools for MOSS administration cause, on all of them, something was missing, so I decided to make mine...and so far I'm quite happy with the result.I have created a codeplex project for this one :

I splitted the tool in three part : "Solutions" , "Features" and "Site hierarchy"

The first one, "Solutions", allows (so far) the user to :
  • Install solution
  • Uninstall solution
  • Deploy solutions
  • Retract solution
  • GetInformations on his farm and to get some information that the administration site doesn't give (information that you can also have using stsadm command lines..

The second one "Features"list everything about features :

  • You can check basic information about your features. (order by scope)
  • You can see on which element each of the feature is deployed (For instance, you can see all the sites on which you rfeature is deployed)
  • A usefull functionnality is to be able to deploy a feature in a wider scope than the original scope (for example, deploying w site feature on all site of a webapplication (or even a farm!))
  • You can activate Feature on One or some elements.

The third one is the big one :) It gives you, many information about your farm structure (from object ids, to content DBs for web apps, passing by activated feature listing...) and much much more. You can interact with object. For instance, you can set read or write lock mode.

Of course cause, it's a big thing, so far, not everything have been developped, but i work on it. I'll keep you informed.

The codeplex project for this :

Some screen shot (official version so far : 0.2). I hope to
  • Features tab :
  • WSP Solutions tab :

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